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Micro BVM launches the Pocket EXT tube

Sean Michaels

Oct 2, 2017

JERUSALEM, Israel - Oct. 3, 2017 - eTradeWire -- Micro BVM, a leading designer of advanced emergency field medical equipment, announced today the launch of its latest product - the Pocket EXT™ tube. The Pocket EXT tube is a game-changer in the industry and is the only extension tube on the market that can expand up to 75 cm (30").

The Pocket EXT tube revolutionizes the way in which providers can transport intubated patients. Currently, providers ventilating an intubated patient using a bag valve mask (BVM), must position themselves directly above the patient. Using the Pocket EXT tube, providers can position themselves at a slight distance and perform the ventilation. This flexibility translates into easier transport for a wide variety of emergency rescue situations. For example, if a patient is being moved on a stretcher or down a very narrow staircase, or even in between hospital wards.

Another significant advantage of the Pocket EXT tube is that it secures the airway. Once an airway such as an endotracheal tube (ETT) has been inserted, the Pocket EXT tube protects it from unwanted extubation. Unwanted extubation unfortunately occurs if the practitioner's hands accidentally move as a result of being pushed or thrown off balance etc. The Pocket EXT tube secures the set ETT, and its flexible tube ensures that even if the provider unexpectedly moves, the ventilation of the patient is unaffected.

The Pocket EXT tube also improves the safety and comfort of the ventilating practitioners. In an ambulance setting for example, rather than crouching over the patient and performing the ventilation while being susceptible to the movements of the vehicle, practitioners can secure themselves in the ambulance chair and more comfortably perform the ventilation. In addition, if there are several providers treating a patient, the ventilation provider can position himself/herself at a slight distance and free up valuable space for the other providers to treat the patient.

To overcome issues of dead space, the Pocket EXT tube is equipped with a T connection that guarantees that air blown into the tube penetrates the patient's lungs and cannot re-enter the tube.

The Pocket EXT tube can be used with any BVM. It has standard international connections and is compatible with all patient valve ports such as viral filters, ET tubes and PEEP valves. As with all of Micro BVM's products, the Pocket EXT tube is highly compact and collapsible, a key factor which allows paramedics to save valuable space in their emergency kit.

Dovie Maisel, co-founder of Micro BVM commented: "I am so excited to introduce the Pocket EXT tube to the market. The product was created from our years of field experience and I am certain that it will quickly transform to a gold standard in the industry. The product is made from the highest quality materials for flawless operation, is easy to use, and most importantly gives providers an invaluable accessory that helps them save lives. That's what we are all about in the end".

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About Micro BVM
Micro BVM is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of advanced emergency field medical equipment. Its cutting-edge products include the Pocket BMV, the Pocket BMV with O2 Tubing, the Pocket BMV Airway, the Pocket BMV Tactical and the Pocket EXT. Micro BVMs' products have been adopted by the US military, NATO forces, international SWAT teams, as well as civilian emergency medical response teams around the world.

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